A Spanish Lunch Episode 2! Malaga


Photo: Casa Guardia, Malaga, by Mike Randolph

In this episode Mike and Ben head down to glorious Malaga and find the coolest food/alleyway combination in the world, wonderful street sounds, a glorious fish market, and a hard-to-beat lunch by the sea.

Places we visit in the episode:

Casa Aranda – for churros
Mercado Central de Atarazanas – the fish market
El Balneario – Baños del Carmen – El Balneario restaurant
El Tintero – for lunch


12 thoughts on “A Spanish Lunch Episode 2! Malaga

  1. My wife and I just listened to your very entertaining podcast and were sorry when it ended! It was funny, interesting, informative, evocative and lifted our grey weather morale… We have been to Malaga often and after listening to you can’t wait to get back there! Looking forward to your next one…


  2. Another very enjoyable journey, with wonderfully lush sounds and amusing conversation. The churros sounded delicious, but I’m not so sure about the rigor-mortis anchovies. I drove past Malaga on my last trip to Spain, but will definitely stop there next time.


  3. Hola !! Me encanta ! Estupendo . Nunca he oído podcast antes, pero después de escuchar A Spanish Lunch !!!! . De repente me gusta .muchas gracias y Buena suerte !


  4. ¡Qué interesante! Chocolate y churros es bastante común aquí también (Pamplona) Bueno…con 3 o 4 euros uno se puede merendar bien. Me encantan algunos de los nombres de las restaurantes en Pamplona…The Good Burger (Se pronuncia con acento español como Dios manda), House of Beer…

    Great job! Looking forward to the next one.


  5. Thanks. I have family visiting Malaga and I’ve sent this podcast to them for restaurant ideas.
    Gracias and buen provecho!


  6. Thanks – my husband and I enjoyed this. He sent the link to his 6 intercambio amigas in España and several of them commented that you both sound like you are native speakers. That is quite an accomplishment for a Canadian (although with Spanish roots) and an Englishman. Looking forward to the next episode, hopefully before we go to Spain next month. 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for this magically evocative podcast – it took me straight back to the heart of Andalucía that I will always love and miss, living as I do now in its (almost) antipodes… You may well have set the wheels in motion for an eventual move back!


  8. Love these podcasts – currently on a train in rainy Wales and it transports me to the land of sun 🌞 And great food 😀 I look forward to trying some of the places you have recommended on my future trips to Spain.

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