About the Podcast

Welcome to A Spanish lunch! Mike and Ben have been getting together for a great Spanish lunch here in Madrid and beyond for the last five years or so. One of our most important missions has been to find the best menú del día in Madrid, an arduous task!

We’ve enjoyed our lunches so much that we’ve decided to take you along with us a couple of times a month, heading to some of the most classic Spanish bars and restaurants, and delicious eating experiences that Spain has to offer.

We’ll also be seeking out great Spain stories and experiences before and after lunch!

To really understand what this is all about, just listen to one of our episodes!

About Mike and Ben



Mike is a writer and photographer based in Madrid. He likes to cook almost as much as he likes to eat. He blogs about Spain here.





Ben has been living in Madrid since 1998. He has set up various blogging and podcasting projects since then, including the Spanish-learning podcast notesinspanish.com (with his wife Marina)